WhatsApp for PC Download | How to get WhatsApp for Windows Computers

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How to get WhatsApp for PC with Bazooka Apps.

gewt WhatsApp Messenger onto your Personal Windows Computer

WhatsApp For PC: Bazooka Apps shows you how.

How to get WhatsApp for your windows PC with Bazooka Apps. If you are looking for the whatsapp for MAC version  go here for that guide. WhatsApp for PC is available with the Bazooka Apps guide but it is not officially available from Whatsapp inc. WhatsApp Messenger is officially only available for smartphones currently. Here at Bazooka Apps we will show you the best way to download WhatsApp Messenger onto your personal windows computer. WhatsApp for computer is not as functional as the full version. You can still however send free messages to your WhatsApp Friends using WhatsApp messenger for your Computer.

Four Easy Steps to Install WhatsApp for PC

Since the invention of SMS, communication is faster and easier. But new inventions mean new expenses, because people need to pay in order to send someone a text message. Thankfully, mobile apps have emerged that provide free SMS and calls for mobile phone owners. What people need, though, is an Internet connection.

About WhatsApp for PC.

WhatsApp is an application for sending SMS or making calls for free! It is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone, and Nokia. Unfortunately, WhatsApp for PC is not officially available. However, here are some easy steps on how to get it in one’s computer.

If you are looking for other messenger apps the here are a few we can recommend. the official Viber for PC guide is now right here on Bazooka Apps. Other than that we recently added the WeChat for PC Download guide. These are the top three messenger apps in the world. You can now pick the one you and your friends will enjoy the most.

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You can read our review on whatsapp here. If you want to do some Instagram’s with your photo’s, be sure to read our complete guide to instagram for PC. You can now share all your pictures to all your Whatsapp or your Viber  friends from your windows computer. Hey do you have an iPad or an iPod here are two guides for you to get WhatsApp for iPad and the second ones WhatsApp for iPod. have fun. Now lets start with WhatsApp for PC.

1. Download WhatsApp for PC Version | Phone Emulator

WhatsApp for PC cannot run just by downloading it like the way other people do in their mobile phones. First, download another application that would serve as a platform for downloading mobile apps. A very reliable program would be Bluestacks which is available on the Internet. It has Android emulators that would help users run mobile apps in their computer.

  • First download WhatsApp for PC. We will be using an android cellphone or mobile phone  emulator called Bluestacks for this guide.
  • Download BlueStacks from here.
  • Install Bluestacks and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Just follow the onscreen prompts.
  • You may also go here for the Bluestacks install guide found here.

Now download WhatsApp APK

Option 1 :

Option 2 : Alternatively to WhatsApp Download for pc follow these steps.

  • Open Bluestacks
  • Use the search function and search for WhatsApp or click on “Messenger”
  • Locate the WhatsApp icon – the Viber Download is also available from this screen.
  • Click on the WhatsApp Icon This whatsapp messenger download onto your pc free.
  • Whatsapp will auto install when the download is complete.

2. Install WhatsApp Messenger for PC Free

  • We guarantee WhatsApp for PC Free and we do not use fake downloads here.
  • If you selected option 1 from the download section in this guide.
  • Navigate to where you have download the APK file.
  • For Windows users it’s usually C:usersyour-namedownloads
  • Now just double-click on the icon.
  • WhatsApp is now installing onto your windows computer.

If you selected Option 2, this was by downloading WhatsApp onto your personal computer free. Directly using the android phone emulator. The installation will happen automatically.

Open and Configure WhatsApp on your Personal Computer.

  • Open whatsapp and follow the onscreen instructions. Input your mobile number for registration and validation.
  • You will receive a 3-digit activation code on their cell phone. Just wait patiently for the code to arrive because this may take some time.
  • Validate their account for their WhatsApp for PC when they have typed in the 3-digit activation code.
  • A success message will appear and now they can start using WhatsApp for PC.

Voila! WhatsApp for PC is now successfully installed. Now, wasn’t that easy? One can immediately start importing contacts, updating their profile, inserting a default picture, creating groups, and most importantly, sending free text messages as soon as the program is installed! However, to use this device, one must make sure that the people they will be contacting also has this app installed. Otherwise, it would be useless.

WhatsApp for PC is very convenient since it is easy to use and people would not have to pay for their calls and SMS anymore. But they need to remember to pay their Internet connection bills or else this one won’t work either!

Alternative Guides on WhatsApp for PC.

This guide is also explained here in more or less here the same manner.  Alternatively you can check out this old site on whatsapp messenger for personal computers, whatsappforpc.com. they are the oldest and one of the original sites that cover this topic.


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