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About WhatsApp for MAC

WhatsApp for MAC

How to get WhatsApp for MAC

– In recent weeks WhatsApp rumors has announced it will release an official version of WhatsApp Messenger on all OS operating systems. WhatsApp Messenger is a great a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS costs, is only available officially for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. If you want to use WhatsApp Mac OS X, Macbook or get  whatsapp Macbook pro downloaded and installed. Then you will have to download application such as Bluestacks, capable of running an emulator.

We have other guides on WhatsApp Messenger, one is WhatsApp Messenger for Windows and the other recently added guide is WhatsApp iPod Touch Download and Install Guide. Both these guides are working and great for the PC and ipod Users. For iPad users go to the whatsapp for iPad website. They have the guide there.

You can NOT have whatsapp on your apple mac and phone using the same number at the same time. ApptechBlog recommends you get an additional sim card. a Pay as you go will work perfectly.

This Guide applies to the following:

  • Whatsapp for Macbook and Macbook Pro
  • How to get whatsapp for mac os
  • Whatsapp for mac computer guide
  • Whatsapp for mac pro

Whatsapp for Mac Download Instructions.

How to download whatsapp for your apple mac computer free?
The answer is simple it is always free to download. the WhatsApp for mac is available from various sources. Follow the easy steps below and get whatsapp for mac download.

  • Download this software for Apple MAC. it is a mobile phone emulator like in our other guides.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
  • BlueStacks requires Apple MAC with at least OSX 10 or above for the whatsapp for mac download to work properly.
  • Now go ahead and launch the app. and complete the emulator installation.
  • Download WhatsApp APK from here – it is a 4.6mb download from WhatsApp.com/Android.
  • The alternative option is to use the emulator and use the search function. Click on Instant messengers.
  • There is a WhatsApp for Mac icon
  • Click on the WhatsApp icon to download whatsapp on your Apple Mac.

Installing and Configuring WhatsApp on Mac.

Use the blueblacks App player to download whatsapp on your apple mac. It should be installed by default with the emulator application. Go here to download the whatsapp mac apk (the same as the android apk file)

  • If you downloaded WhatsApp to your MAC using BlueStacks just go ahead and launch WhatsApp on your apple pro, iMac or MacBook Pro computer..
  • Navigate where you installed BlueStacks and add the WhatsApp APK to the Apps folder in the bluestacks application folder.
  • WhatsApp on MAC icon is now on the BlueStack player home screen.

Verify and Configure your WhatsApp Mac Installation.

  • Now if you have installed WhatsApp on your Mac.
  • Launch WhatsApp on your Apple Mac.
  • Agree to the  terms and conditions.
  • Enter your country code and then your mobile number.
  • It will ask you to send a verification code.
  • This text message or phone verification will be delivered shortly.
  • Enter the 6 digit verification code.
  • If you have not received the verification code, you can use the Call me option. You will get a call from WhatsApp with the verification code. Type that code in and WhatsApp should now be verified. You can read our review on whatsapp here

Have Fun.

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