Viber for PC | Download | Install How to Guide

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Get Viber for Windows PC today !

Get Viber for PC Downloaded and Installed Free

Bazooka Apps shows you How to get Viber for PC Downloaded and Installed for Free

Viber for PC now Fully Supported by VIBER. no more running android apps on PC’s. How would you like Viber for your personal computer. Bazooka Apps has the best guide on Viber for PC. Follow this easy walk-through and in 5 minutes you will have Viber on your windows PC. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment and we will look into it.

Do you think you can do this guide better ? then contact us with your guide. Great news is that this app is no longer an android app running on a windows PC. Viber has launched an official version of Viber for pc. Another guide for our Apple Mac users is the Viber for MAC – now mac users can get viber onto their apple mac computers.

Download Viber for Windows Using the Links below in step 1 – these are official links and NOT fake links.

This allows for apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram and then games like Fruit Ninja for Pc to work on a windows 7 or even windows 8 personal computers.

What you will need to get Viber on your Windows PC.

  • Active Viber Account on your Mobile Phone – you need Viber on at least one Mobile Phone
  • Compatible Windows
  • Our test machines Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • Intel Processors
  • 2 Gb Ram min
  • graphics cards 128mb DDR2 and above.


Step 1 – Download Viber for PC Free


  • Click on “Save File”
  • When the Small initial download is complete open the EXE File “ViberSetup.exe
  • Now Click on “RUN”.
  • Click on “Agree and Install” on the next Screen.
  • Now the large Official download for Viber for PC will start downloading.
  • When the download is Complete Viber will install.

Step 2 – Installing and Setting Viber on your PC

  • Use the onscreen instructions
  • First Select “YES” on the first screen if you have Viber on your mobile phone.
  • If not Select NO – you will need to Install Viber on your compatible mobile phone.
  • Enter your Mobile Number / Cell Phone Number
  • Remember to enter it in international format so without Zero’s or codes in the beginning of the number.
  • Now a VIBER message will be sent to your phone with a code – this is a VIBER text message and not an SMS
  • Enter that code into the text box supplied.
  • You have Viber installed on your personal computer.

Now you can enjoy making free calls with viber for windows with the full official functionality.

Now to complete the installation just click on the icon and then follow the screen options to verify the installation. Now activate by using the code sent to your mobile phone.

 Please See the Screen Shots Below of the Viber for PC Download and Install.

Save File to your PC
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Step 1- Save File to your PC

Step 2 -  Now Click on "RUN"

Click on Accept and Install
Step 3 – Click on Accept and Install to start the download process

Completing Viber for PC Download

Select yes to this option

Step 5 – Setting up Viber on your PC

Enter your Phone Number
Step 6 – Enter your Mobile Phone Number and Wait for the access code



Error if you do NOT have Viber
If you do not Have Viber on a Mobile phone you will need to get it.


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