Viber App Review for smartphones

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Viber for smartphones

Viber is an app with a difference that brings much more to the table than just messaging friends and family. Released after apps like Whatsapp and a few other social networking apps, Viber has that something extra that everyone loves and can’t help but connect to- free calls. Yesterday we reviewed whatsapp messenger, you can read the review here. Viber is not the same as WhatsApp but there are competitive similarities. Lets have a look at Viber.

Viber Review

Bazooka Apps Viber Review

Viber was first made available on the Android OS platform and the iOS platform but has now made its way to the Blackberry app store. Initially, on blackberry, the app’s full version was not available and only allowed for free messages but with new upgrades t o the app, free calls can now be made to other viber users across all operating system platforms from your blackberry smartphone.

It is easy to get Viber on your smartphone, and just as easy getting viber on your windows PC. All you have to do is visit the Google Play Store, Apple app store or the Blackberry app store and you are golden. You have to use your cell phone number to complete the download for Viber on your smartphone. There have been reports that you can possibly download Viber on your PC using an android emulator such as BlueStacks. For your PC, you will have to use a different cell phone number from the one you already have registered or you can use a land line if you have one.

The use of the number is for you to receive an activation code via SMS that helps you to complete the download and installation of the app. If the SMS is not delivered, you will receive a call during which the code will be dictated to you and you can simply complete installation on your PC. Bazooka has loads of Apps for PC check it out here.

There are other messaging apps that are not quite as popular as Viber but are still useful nonetheless and are slowly climbing their way up the popularity ladder. Kakao talk happens to be one of them; this app is a fun messaging app that happens to be a close competitor to Viber by offering all the same features as Viber including free talk.

Though many are crazy about Instant messaging, social networking still sits at the core of many individuals’ hearts. Facebook, twitter and Instagram are all social networking apps that put the A in Addictive and can have you glued to you smartphone for hours. You don’t have to say it out loud; we know you are one of those individuals *wink wink*

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