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Sure way to download and install Shazam for PC Free.

Whats is Shazam for PC ?

How to Download and Install Shazam for PC

Get Shazam on your Windows PC right NOW. Follow this guide

Shazam for PC is a cool App that allows you to recognize any song you hear. it is not officially supported by Shazam but we here are Bazooka Apps, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to delight our users. We also released a new guide on Soundhound for pc download and install if you would rather prefer soundhound click here. Soundhound is direct competition to Shazam. but for now we will focuson Shazam for your windows computer. If you want to know if Shazam or SoundHound is better check out our Shazam vs Soundhound comparison.

People ask is there a  program like shazam for pc? why look for an alternative if you can get Shazam on your PC following the bazooka Apps Shazam for PC Guide right here. When you follow this guide you will download and install shazam onto any windows PC, Windows XP, Windows 7 and now even windows 8. by the end of this you will have Shazam on your personal computer. You will also be interested in Shazam Encore Apk – Free Download Link Locations for the full version of Shazam.

How to use Shazam on PC ?

All you need to do, is simply click on the Shazam icon in the centre of the screen. That is how easy it is to use Shazam for PC. Shazam will fetch the song name and lyrics for you! Remember the great song at the party you went to last week you really wanted to know it’s name but couldn’t, and where was nobody around to help? With Shazam that won’t happen again!
Shazam connects more than 275 million people, in more than 200 countries and 33 languages, to the music, TV shows and brands they love. With this PC version you can expect that number to triple over the next few years.

Shazam for pc free Download

Yes you can download shazam for pc. Follow the next few steps and download shazam to your windows computer. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and now Windows 8.

  •  Click here shazam for pc windows 7 free downloadandroid emulator shazam for pc windows 7
  • Download Shazam for Windows 8 from here.
  • Wait for the emulator to download.
  • When the download is complete run and install the emulator.
  • You are only 5 minutes away from shazam for pc download to be completed.
  • When the download and install of the emulator is complete.
  • Click on the search icon (top left – looks like an hourglass)
  • Type “Shazam”
  • Now click on the first Shazam icon.
  • This will then display a list of places where you can download Shazam onto your Windows PC.
  • Select a download link – we avoid the Google android market as they can detect you are not using an android device.
  • Now click on the Shazam icon once more – this will download the actual shazam application onto your computer.

Installing Shazam for PC

  • When you clicked on the Shazam icon to download the app to your personal computer. It will install automatically with no user input.
  • You can alternatively download the APK file from Shazam Amazon Download
  • Then double-click on the shazam.apk file and it will install in the emulator so you can use Shazam on your PC.

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