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Plague Inc for PC

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 Plague Inc for pc : The human population keeps growing at an alarming rate; the solution is to get rid of humans by introducing a plague. It’s you versus the world and you have to evolve and mutate your plague pathogen every time the humans try to salvage the situation. Only the strongest can survive. How much of the world can you infect? Now you can play Plague inc on your personal computer. Just follow this guide and you will be able to download and play Plague Inc today !! This is an adaptation of the Android game that can be played on any compatible windows personal computer.

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About Plague Inc for PC

Plague Inc for PC. is a fun game that has a chilling feel to it as the gameplay comes across as real as possible. At the beginning of the game, your pathogen infects patient zero and then it’s time for you to start evolving in spite of all the defense mechanisms thrown at you.

The game does have a bit of reality in it as the game developer James Vaughan has been working with the Centers for Disease control and Prevention to bring the agency’s work to the attention of gamers and educate people about the spread of disease.

Requirements to get Plague Inc for PC:

  • Android Emulator suck as IntellAppUp or Bluestacks – Here is our free guide on Bluestacks.
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or later
  • Core 2 Duo PC or Better
  • 2GIG Ram (Minimum)
  • .NET framework 3.5 or later
  • Internet connection (to download Vector APK)

Plague Inc for PC download.

To download Plague inc for pc follow these easy steps. If you want and know how to extract apk files then download Plague Inc directly from the Google Play site. The file as it is will not work as a PC version, you still need to complete the rest of the steps in this guide . In this method you don’t have to download apk file of Plague Inc but instead you will require an internet connection while installing Plague Inc on PC Or Windows PC otherwise you will not be able to install Plague Inc on your Windows or Mac computer. Lets continue

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Download Plague Inc for PC

  • Open your android emulator – see under requirements how to get an android emulator.
  • Search for Plague Inc then select the first result
  • If you are using BlueStacks then click on Install
  • Now from the next screen select the first Plague Inc icon on the left.
  • If you have a Google Account you can use the Google Play Store download too.
  • The Plague Inc download will start and is Approx 31Mb
  • When the download has completed Plague Inc Will install onto your windows PC
  • Wait for Plague Inc download onto your PC to complete
  • Now navigate back to the BlueStacks Desktop
  • Find the Plague Inc Icon (See Images Below for reference)
  • Click on the icon to start playing Plague Inc on your PC.

Plague Inc on PC-Download Locations

 More info on Plague Inc for PC

Each game starts out simply: you select and name one of seven different plague types. Each plague opportunity starts out as a simple disease that you need to evolve in order to become a plague.  In the beginning, you get to choose the country that the disease attacks first. And that is where the intelligence behind the simulation starts to take root.

There are three difficulty levels in the game that describe the basic lifestyle choices that the majority of human beings make every day: how often we wash our hands, the work ethics of our medical professionals, and how we treat the sick and dying. It is much harder to spread any type of disease when everyone is compulsive about sanitation, we imprison those that have even the slightest symptoms of being ill, and have a dedicated society of medical geniuses that do nothing but work all the time.

Tied to the country of origin, how a disease spreads also has an impact on how the game plays out in Plague Inc for PC. If you choose a disease that spreads through human contact, you will want to pick a highly populated country of frequent travelers. You will even see little planes and boats traveling from port to port as you play the game.  If instead it is to spread by infecting animals and insects first, the you will want to pick a country that has a good climate for them to exist. Since you choose your country before you start to evolve your plague, it’s a good idea to make an early plan right from the start.

It is very interesting and can be a very good distraction from work. Enjoy on Android, iOS and even Plague Inc for PC now !

Now that you have plague inc for computer please let us know what you think about the game and about the guide. have fun and don’t forget to share like and Google + ALL our pages and stand a chance to win something new every week.

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