Fring for PC – Free Download Windows 7 / 8 / XP Install

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Fring For PC – Another great communications app

Get Frinf on your Windows PC

Fring for PC

 Fring for PC – Download and Install walk-through. Fring is one of the most under estimated messenger apps out there. It is vastly out shadowed by whatsapp and viber. other apps vile KakaoTalk and Nimbuzz is also in this pool of messenger applications. Developed in 2006 by Fring, this app has lasted and is still showing other some technological advances. But never the less Fring stands tall with its list of features. Now Fring for PC can be downloaded and used on your Windows PC. Follow the easy guide on Fring for PC and Bazooka will show you the way forward.

Other direct messenger applications that we have modified are Viber for your PC and then WhatsApp Messenger on your Windows Computer PC Guide. Bother these work well.

Fring for PC technical Requirements.

Fring for windows 7 or Windows 8 you will require an internet connection.

a Fast DSL or Broadband internet connection works best with fring for the video calling features.

You will also require a PC camera and a microphone.

Windows XP or Above

Fring for PC Features

Free Calls, Group Calls, Texting, Video, Group Video, and more! Fring on your PC gives you fun ways to make video calls, live text messaging, group chat and more.

  • fring-to-fring audio and video calls
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Text messaging
  • Low-cost calls to any mobile or fixed number worldwide (fringOut)

Fring on your Windows PC gives you a the HIGHEST QUALITY calls and group calls  using Dynamic Video Quality. This gives you the best video and audio quality possible by automatically and continuously adjusting your video call quality to match your connectivity. This is a technology fring has just about perfected and that other apps like VIBER in our opinion just lack at this stage.  Fring on your PC is very  EASY TO USE- just like regular calling, but for free and with group video if you prefer to see your friends from wherever you are.

Fring Download for PC

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Now you want to download fring to your pc, lest start by adding there is no fring.exe for windows 7 or windows 8 computers at this stage. You will need to run fring on a mobile emulator like bluestacks. Here is how you download and install an emulator onto your windows pc.

Fring Download for PC

Fring Download for our PC

Google Play Direct Download

– only use this download if you know how to extract APK files from your android device –

  • Fring for pc free download for windows 7 and windows 8 using bluestacks emulator
  • Use the search function and search for “Fring”
  • Select the first result and click on “Install”
  • Fring for PC will now download to your computer within the emulator environment.
  • After the download is complete the download fring windows will install automatically

Fring installation and Configuration on PC.

  • Open Fring by clicking on the Fring icon.
  • Select your Country code by clicking on the “Flag”
  • We found scrolling is a bit difficult
  • Enter your MOBILE pr CELL phone number in international format – so without the area code prefix ()+ 123 4567
  • Click “Continue” for your activation code.
  • Click “Continue” after you entered your activation code.
  • Fring will search for contact (If you have any) and connect them automatically.
  • You now have Fring on your PC.
  • See the images below for guidence
Enter you fring on pc activaion code
Enter you fring on pc activaion code like this
Search for fring on your pc

Search for fring on your pc result for the intall

Fring for Windows 7 Laptop

If you require fring for windows 7 laptop or any other windows OS follow the same guide. Fring for  laptop is the same depending on the operating system but the guide still applies. You open the emulator, search for “FRING” then download and install fring onto your laptop.

Fring for PC Install Screen Shots.

Fring download results screen

Fring download results screen

Fring for pc downloading onto our windows pc

Fring for PC Disclaimer – We can only supply you with a guide to install Fring. We have not completed our Testing on Fring for PC. We will update this guide ASAP. Please leave comments and tips for other users when you get your working. Dont forget to like and Share this page.


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